Components – Filter Components


Panel filters

Are of the synthetic pleated type consisting of reinforced high performance non-woven cotton rayon fabric supported by an expanded diamond grid. The filter media has an average arrestance of 92% according to the BS6540 test (Eurovent – EU4 grade). The panel filters are fitted in side withdrawal ‘slide in’ type zinc coated mild steel channel frames.


Hi-Capacity Bag Filters

Are manufactured from high dust holding, non hygroscopic resin-free synthetic media, having an average arrestance of 92%, BS6540 Part 1 1985 (Eurovent – EU4 grade). These filters would be fitted within side withdrawal ‘slide in’ type zinc coated mild steel channel frames.

Hi-Efficiency multi-pocket Bag Filters


Are manufactured from synthetic polymer fibre media permanently stitched to form individual pockets and retained within a rust resistant all metal header.

These high efficiency bag filters would be fitted to zinc-coated mild steel holding frames incorporating a full peripheral air seal and held in place by reinforced spring steel clamps suitable for either front or rear withdrawal arrangement. They are available in various efficiencies ranging from 40-95% ASHRAE 52-76 or EU5-EU8 Eurovent 4/5 (BS6540 Part 1) Atmospheric dust spot test.

Activated Carbon Filters

Comprise a galvanised mild steel housing incorporating carbon filter panels arranged in V-formation within a ‘slide-in’ type side withdrawal support system. Each panel contains loose filled high grade (coconut shell) granular activated carbon, retained within purpose made perforated galvanised mild steel trays. Carbon properties include very high hardness value of 99% minimum to ASTM test D2862 and 60% minimum absorption value to ASTM test D3467.